Sarah Corbett lives in rural England with her husband and children,

and loves to travel.

She began her quest to discover the world and meet people by running away with the circus!

Now her travels have led her to a spiritual home,


where she spends her time engaged in the study of the adornments of the people of this warm and welcoming country.

Sarah Corbett offers tours which give great cultural and historical reference for those with a passion for adornment.

Sarah Corbett created an online forum to allow those with a 947129_10151401313187547_1305018470_npassion for ethnic Jewels to gather and share their understandings.

As a founder trustee of Henna Cafe Marrakech,

her passion has translated into a project which supports those in need within the country she loves.

To travel as a guest on one of her trips to Morocco is an opportunity to truly lift the veil of this extrordinary country.

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